Thanks for visiting my page!!  I may an eccentric lifestyle at the moment, but I grew up like most kids in the 80’s with a fairly traditional family with my parents and two older brothers. I played every sport possible and eventually earned a scholarship to play D-I volleyball at George Washington University. I learned some extremely valuable lessons as a collegiate athlete while earning double majors in Biology and Biological Anthropology, and was honored to be inducted into the GW Athletic Hall of Fame in 2016.

Like many disc golfers in my generation, I didn’t discover the sport as a child. It wasn’t until my early 20’s while I was teaching high school science, finishing my Masters degree, & coaching volleyball in the St. Louis area that a friend invited me for a round, which I skeptically agreed to.  It didn’t take long to get the disc golf bug.  I quickly found myself meeting new friends after work to play rounds nearly everyday and soon after joined a weekly doubles league at Quail Ridge Disc Golf Course…..I had become a “RidgeRunner” and my nickname was “Hatchet”. It only took a few months for me to begin competing in PDGA events, and in less than a year I joined the professional ranks.  I toured each summer after that until resigning my teaching position 2010 when I started touring full time.

Winning the 2012 World Championships was a dream come true and catapulted my career to new heights. I continue to work hard at maintaining my skills and improving on my weaknesses and have followed that up with a few other major wins: the 2013 & 2016 US Women’s National Championships. Over the years I’ve accumulated 70 wins, including several National & Pro Tour victories, and look forward to continuing to make an impact on tour, both as a competitor and an ambassador for this great sport! Check out my PDGA stats and Pro Tour stats for all the latest info!

2017 Phoenix Ladies Open 


Disc golf has come a long way in the last decade and I love to meet and chat with members of this great community whenever possible.  I am especially passionate about making sure disc golf is accessible to women and girls, and volunteer my time with the PDGA Women’s committee working on initiatives to increase participation and retention of female players.  We have been doing groundbreaking work, like the Women’s Global Event and hosted the first ever Women’s Disc Golf Symposium in 2017. Click here to watch! Keep an eye out for another in 2018.  Being on the road full time can be physically and mentally exhausting, but I love to travel and experience new things. When I’m not grinding it out on the course, I love to hike, ride my bike and visit museums and historical sites.  Send me a message here if you have any suggestions for your area!


Crow Pass Trail to Raven Glacier (Alaska)

Love to cruise around on my vintage Bianchi!

Loftus Hot Springs (Idaho)