Disc Golf Tips

Play Everyday

Play as often as you can.  Making improvements to your game takes time and practice.  The more you play, to more opportunities you have to make yourself better.

Putt Everyday

Spend time on a daily basis working on your putting form and consistency to ensure accuracy within the circle.  Develop putting drills to create tournament-like pressure and reward yourself when you succeed.

Do Field Work

Throw your discs in a field a couple times per week to ensure you know the shape of the flight your disc is taking through the air, to learn what new discs in your bag are doing, and to work on different shots you want to learn to incorporate into your game on the course.

Stay Positive & Have Fun

Everybody has good days and bad days on the course.  It’s easy to have fun and stay positive when all your shots are going where you want.  Learn to contain your bad days by changing your goals from shooting well to keeping a positive attitude and having fun.  I bet you will shoot better than you thought you would on an off day.

Keep Improving

Never stop learning new shots and improving old ones.  Disc golf is lifetime sport that constantly challenges even the best of the best.  There is always something to improve on and strive for.

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