Skills Stations and Putting Games


Set up a bullseye around a basket with different rings at 3m, 7m, 10m, 15m with paint.  Set up 8-10 throwing stations of different distances and shot types. Play by yourself or with a group. Keep score based on which ring you land in. Use the following to score: 3m=4pts, 7m=3pts, 10=2pts, 15m=1pt.  After all stations have been thrown from, the winner will have the most points.

Fieldwork is the number one way to improve your game, but can be monotonous. Make a set of cards that have different distances and different kinds of shots. When you need some inspiration on what to practice in the field, just draw from your cards.  Eventually, you’ll get through all your shots at different distances.

Play by yourself or with a group. Set up 8-10 stations of varying lengths and putting challenges. Each player gets two putts at each station. Each putt counts as one point. The winner has the most points at the end or play for person records.

Play with one putter and 2+ players. Randomly pick an order. First person up picks a spot. If a putt is made from the spot, the next player must also make the putt.  If the putt is missed, the player is given a letter of H-O-R-S-E. The next player picks a new spot and play continues until a putt is made.  The player following the made putt must make the same putt or be given a letter, etc. A player is “out” after they receive the final letter, “E”.

Play this game by yourself with two putters. Start 4 steps from the basket and try to make both putters. If you miss both, step up. If you make both, step back. If you make one and miss one, stay where you are.  Continue to putt until you reach a predetermined number of steps or time elapsed.

Play with a one friend of a huge group, each with two putters.  Randomly determine an order. The first person picks a spot to putt from and putts both putters.  Everyone in the group follows and tries to make both putters.  Everyone keeps their own score and is trying to be the first to 21pts without going over. If you make one putt, you get one point and both putts get three points.  Always follow the same person, but rotate through by taking turns picking the spot.  If a player goes over 21, they go back to 11 pts and keep going.

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