My Story

Thanks for checking out my store!  Your support allows me to spread disc golf to more of the world and continue to inspire people to pursue their passions.  I didn’t find disc golf until my mid-twenties, but it quickly consumed all my free time and became a major driving force in my personal journey. Since quitting my teaching job in 2010, I have become fully immersed in disc golf and have learned some incredible life-lessons. I’ve travelled to some amazing places, and best of all, enjoyed the fellowship of this game with some of the coolest people on the planet.  Disc golf has the capacity to change the world, by giving people a healthy outlet, connecting them with a supportive community and pushing them to be their absolute best, both physically and mentally.  Throughout my career, whether I’m winning a major title or missing the cashline, the lessons learned have had the greatest impact. Disc golf can teach us processes related to self-improvement, emotional & social awareness, community-building, intuitive thinking and creativity, among others. These insights transcend the sport and can enrich our lives in every facet. These are some of the many gifts of the game. These are the gifts that change lives and communities. These are the gifts I aim to spread. Thank you for your support